What is coaching?
Coaching is not consulting, not training, not mentoring is not psychotherapy. 

Coaching can be described as a method, which focuses on the human person, human resource and relationships development, setting goals and planning steps for their achievement, leadership skills and teamwork. This process helps to achieve effective changes and improving balance between personal and professional life. It can be applied both individually and in groups in different areas of social life.
• Professionals using this process, enable individual and corporate clients to reach their full potential.
•  Coaching supports researching of needs, motivations, desires, thoughts and skills that support individuals in achieving real and sustainable change. 
• It uses techniques of questioning to stimulate the processes of thinking and finding solutions
• Observation, listening and asking questions help the client to clarify the situation. 
• Creative approach that includes individual, group or teleworking with a leading coach
• It is an approach that provokes customers to action, personal growth and development of competences.
• Through it an unconditionally positive attitude towards customers is supported, which means that the leading coaching process continuously supports and respects customer's perspective. 
By what kind of coaching we can be helpful:

Individual coaching – in personal and professional aspect
Team coaching - to increase team efficiency